Law vs. Grace Notes 1

Rom 3:21 "But now the righteousness of God without the law is manifested, being witnessed by the law and the prophets;"

without the law--that is, a righteousness to which our obedience to the law contributes nothing whatever (Rom_3:28; Gal_2:16). (J,F,&B)

Without the law In a sphere different from that in which the law says “Do this and live.” (VWS) --Me: A totally different rule of life here.

Rom 3:21 -

righteousness of God

The righteousness of God is neither an attribute of God, not the changed character of the believer, but Christ Himself, who fully met in our stead and behalf every demand of the law, and who is, but the act of God called imputation (Lev_25:50); (Jam_2:23); "made unto us . . righteousness" (1Co_1:30).

"The believer in Christ is now, by grace, shrouded under so complete and blessed a righteousness that the law from Mt. Sinai can find neither fault nor diminution therein. This is that which is called the righteousness of God by faith." -- Bunyan.

(2Co_5:21); (Rom_4:6); (Rom_10:4); (Phi_3:9); (Rom_3:26). (SCOFIELD)


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