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Hi, I’m Ginny and I hope you’ll take the time to browse through my pages. My prayer is that you’ll find it a place of strength and inspiration in the Word, and that it will drive you to seek the One Who can give you that strength and life all the more in His Word. The writings here are meant to stir in you a hunger for knowing Him more and lead you to His Word. They are not meant to be authoritative, or in place of the Word. They are from my walk with the Lord and what He's taught me through the trials of life in my 40+ yrs. of knowing Him. I'm simply His witness to all He has done and shown me in this life... "For we cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard." (Act 4:20) For all His goodness, I cannot be silent!

ATTENTION, NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: I am closing this website. I am only going to be posting on my blog from now on, I'm leaving this site up for a time, but will soon take it down and delete it. Please take note! - posted on 6/20/2016

May the Lord bless you as you read. Please feel free to email me and share what the Lord has done in your life.

THE BEREAN LAMP (My church--Stop by and visit!)
THE BEREAN LAMP NEWSLETTER--A monthly newsletter from the members of our congregation.

ATTENTION PLEASE! I will no longer be sending out the weekly devotional through Yahoo Groups, but will from now on post it on a blog I started: You may subscribe through the blog to receive it in email if you prefer, or add it to whatever newsfeed you use. I think this will be much easier to use for everyone. The archives in Yahoo Groups will still be available.

What is our highest calling in Christ? FULFILLMENT IN CHRIST


My Weekly Devotional
Devotional Archives What is Salvation? Holiness, the False and the True
by H. A. Ironside
My Testimony Law vs. Grace
by Ginny Larsen
Musically Speaking Book, "Out of Adam, Into Christ"
Paul's Gospel, William Newell Regeneration of the Believer Eternal Security of The Believer,
by H. A. Ironside
Why God Allows His Children To Suffer
Suicide or the Cross To Know Him The True Grace of God By Which You Stand,
by John Darby
The Judgment of The Believer
The Battle For The Truth
A video
An "I" For An "I"
by Miles Stanford
My Links What In The World Is Going On?
My own path of discovery
by GinnyLarsen
Galatians Study Guide Excuses For Not Believing The Two Covenants
by Andrew Murray
Healing The Broken hearted Bible Study
by Ginny Larsen
Bob's Room The Only Stability In Time of Great Sorrow
on the loss of our son, Ben
Dressed In The Full Armor of God
7 part series
by Ginny Larsen
The Completed Salvation In Jesus Christ
by J.N. Darby
The New Has Come, The Old Has Passed Away
by Ginny Larsen
Our Blessed Hope
what is it?
Galatians 5
by J.N. Darby




Watch this video by Ray Comfort interviewing people about the Holocaust. It will shock you!!!