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I come to you, my Lord
In the quietness of the morning
You restore my soul
As the fresh dew lies on the morning grass
Your Spirit lights upon me
And waters my soul with the freshness of new life

Oh Water of the Spirit light upon me
Fill me with new life
Refresh my heart
Quench this thirst
Make all things new, just as You said

I come to You my Lord
And yield my life before You
Oh have Your way!
As I open my heart up to receive You
Holy Spirit speak to me
Let me hear the secrets that You whisper in my ear

I come to You, my Lord
For manna that's from Heaven
Oh Bread of life
As You spread Your table out before me
Let me feast upon Your Word
And I'll be filled with the bread that gives eternal life

Oh Water of the Spriit light upon me
Fill me with new life
Refresh my heart
Quench this thirst
Make all things new, just as You said

copyright 1989 by Ginny Larsen

Why Me?

In my despair, I cry
Tell me, Lord, tell me why
Why me?
Why must I suffer?
Is there an answer for this pain?
Will I be happy again?
Why me?
Why must I suffer?

Then I look into His eyes and see
The love of this One Who for me
Was crucified
For me He died
And I cried!
Oh God! Why You?

Why did You suffer?
What can I give You for Your pain?
For my sin, You were slain
Why me?
Why should I live
To see Your love and grace
behold the beauty of Your face
Have the joy of knowing you
And share Your blessings too?

Why me?
Why me?
Jesus! Why You?

copyright by Ginny Larsen 1991

Romans 8:16-18

He gave Himself to us completely in sorrow,
pain and suffering though we didn't deserve
it...He freely gave. He is worthy of all our
pain, sorrow, and suffering. It is not to even
be compared to the glory we will share!!
For the joy set before us we accept the cross.

My Lord and My God

In my weakness You are strong
I will trust You all day long
If I just abide in You
There's nothing You can't see me through

When I feel like I can't stand
Your Word is like an outstretched hand
When clouds of doubt and fear prevail
Your light shines through in great asail

You're my Saviour!
My Lord and my God!

From now until eternity
My life for You can only be
There's nothing this whole world could give
For You alone I choose to live

And when the night seems oh so long
You sustain me with Your song
And until all my work is through
I live for when I'll be with You

You're my Saviour!

My Lord and my God!

copyright by Ginny Larsen, 1998

Habakkuk 3:17-19

Though the fig tree may not
nor fruit be on the vines;
though the labor of the olive
may fail,
and the fields yield no food;
though the flock may be cut off
from the fold
and there be no herd
in the stalls
Yet I will rejoice in the Lord,
I will joy in the God
of my salvation.

The Lord God is my strength
He will make my feet like deer's feet
and He will make me walk
on my high hills.

God of My Life

Chorus: You are God
Over all my sorrow
You are God
Over all my strife
You are God
Today and tomorrow
You are God
Over all my life

Maker of my soul
There's nothing I can't trust you for
Lover of my life
When my heart's in pain and my spirit's poor
When I know no other way
And I just can't seem to pray
There's no one else who will understand
And You take my hand
Then you make me see
Who you are to me


Father of my heart
From the depths of love you come to me
Prince of all my peace
When I can't be all I'm meant to be
When I just don't have a song
And everything I do seems wrong
There's no one else who can show me the way
Then to You I pray
And You make me see
Who You are to me


When the pain is more than I can bear
And I just can't see you anywhere
When the trial's hard and the road's so long
You are the one Who makes me strong
And I know....


(copyright by Ginny Larsen, 1994)