1. The Gospel of Justification By Faith..(Read also Rom. 2-4)
    1. Experienced by the Galatians (3:1-5)
      1. (v. 1)interesting to note the word "bewitched." The Webster dictionary definition is: To affect by witchcraft or magic. To charm; fascinate. From Strongs..the greek is baskaino; to malign i.e. (by extens.) to fascinate (by false representations); bewitch. It is evident that they started out believing the gopel of grace and were somehow fascinated (bewitched) with the Judaizers and were turning away from that grace. We need to be careful when listening to very charismatic teachers that persuade people easily, that they are preaching nothing but the true gospel, for we too can be easily swayed if we are not grounded in the Word of God.
      2. What questions did Paul ask the Galatians to show their foolishness? (v. 2-5)
        ______________________________________________________ As Christians, we receive the Spirit by faith, therefore it is absurd to think our own efforts will keep us or make us perfect. If they could not save us in the first place, how do we think they could ever perfect us? It is still by faith we are to walk, and live for Christ. See also Gal. 4:9; Heb. 7:15-22; Heb. 4:14-16
    2. Promised To Abraham..(3:6-14)
      1. (v. 6,7) Abraham was the father of the Jewish people. How was he justified?___________________________ Who are the true sons of Abraham? See also Gen. 15:6; John 8:39-40____________________________________________________
      2. (v. 8,9) The Old Testament is a foreshadow of the New Testament plan of salvation. How was the gospel preached to Abraham beforehand? see also Rom.4:1-13________
      3. (v. 10-12) What happens when we try to follow the law?__________________________________________________
        ______________________________________________________ Why can't we be justified ever by following the law? Read also Rom. 1:17; Heb. 10:38; Rom. 4:4-5; Rom. 7:1-4
      4. (v. 13-14) Paul quotes from Deut. 21:23.."Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree." What does it mean for us that Christ has become a curse for us? Read also Rom. 8:3,4; Rom. 4:1-5,9,16 compared with James 2:20-26; Isa. 42:1,6; Rom. 3:29-31_________________________
    3. Prepared For By the Law (v. 15-29)
      1. (v. 15-17) Read also Gen. 22:18; Rom. 4:13-14.. To whom were the promises made? How is God's promise to Abraham fulfilled?_________________________________________
        _______________________________________________________ A covenant made by man is binding. Legally it cannot be changed once it is signed. How much more we can trust God's covenant to be sure, and binding! He will not break it! God's promise of salvation by faith with Abraham could not be changed or annulled by the law. The promise, which was finally fulfilled in Christ had already been in affect 430 yrs. before the law came. (EX. 12:40)
      2. (v. 18) What is the inheritance? Read also Rom. 8:16,17; Eph. 1:13-14)________________________________
        _______________________________________________________ Justification and the gift of the Spirit is our inheritance by faith in Christ! If it is by law, it could no longer be by promise.
      3. So what then is the purpose of the law? (v. 19) Read also Rom. 3:20b; Rom. 4:15; Rom. 5:13,20,21; Rom. 7:7
      4. (v. 20) Matthew Henry Commentary.."Whereas the promise was given immediately by God Himself, the law was given by the ministry of angels, and the hand of a mediator. Hence it appeared that the law could not be designed to set aside the promise; for God is one, and therefore it is not to be suppposed that He should make void a promise which He had long before made to Abraham. This would not be consistent with His truth and faithfulness. Moses was only a mediator and therefore the law that was given by him could not affect the promise."
      5. (v. 21-25) Read also Rom. 7-8:4..Describe the difference between trying to keep the law and living by the law of life in Christ Jesus._______________________________
        _______________________________________________________ Here we see that the law does not contradict the promise but was to be like a strict tutor who harshly disciplines, or a prison guard. It shows us we are prisoners of sin until Christ comes to set us free. So we no longer need that harshness as He gives us His Spirit and a new nature.
      6. (v. 26-29) How do our relationships change when we believe in Christ?______________________________________
        _______________________________________________________ Going along with v. 16, we who believe in Christ are all of Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise....sons of God.


Paul reminded the Galatians that they had received the Spirit by faith and not by works of the law, and that they could never be made perfect by the flesh. The Spirit was supplied to us by faith and we must continue in righteousness by faith. Trying to keep the law nullifies that gospel of faith. If we try to keep the law to to be justified, we are obligated to keep the entire law. If we break one law, we are guitly of breaking the whole law, and so are without hope of salvation. But the purpose of the law was to bring us to a knowledge of our sin and realization of our need for Christ and His perfect and complete salvation by faith in Him. Christ is the fulfillment of the promise to Abraham of salvation by faith, and that promise or covenant can never be nullified by the law. We are heirs of Christ...and the true seed of Abraham who are of faith.

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