1. What does it mean to be brokenhearted?
    Read Prov. 17:22; Prov. 18:14

  2. What causes us to be brokenhearted?
    1. Hurt by others, sorrow..
      ex. Jesus (Mark 14:34), His betrayal (john 13:18; Ps. 41:9) Ruth 1:20,21..Naomi lost her husband and 2 sons. What was her reaction?
      ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We can be hurt by close friends.(Ps. 55:12-14) 2 Sam. 13:15-20, 28-29..Tamar was so broken over the rape and rejection by her brother she lived as a desolate woman the rest of her life. Absolam was so hurt by what happened to his sister he became bitter toward his brother and murdered him. Ps. 6:6-7..David was full of sorrow because of his foes. Examine all the above examples and how they reacted to their brokenheart. Look at the results in their lives because of their reactions.

    2. Pride: Doing our own thing our own way.
      Prov. 16:18; Prov. 18:12; 1 Peter 5:6,7; Isa. 66:2 Pride leads to heartbreaking circumstances many times that arise in our lives as we'll see in Ps. 107.

    3. Basic needs of life not being met (Food, shelter, drink, etc.) Ps. 107:4-9

    4. Rebellion against God's Word and Counsel (Pride) Ps. 107:10-16

    5. Sin..Ps. 107:17-22

    6. Circumstances beyond our control..Ps. 107:38-43 These are the things that umble us and remind us we cannot control our lives only God can...(remember scriptures on pride)

  3. What are God's thought toward the brokenhearted?
    See..Ps. 34:18-19; Isa. 40:1; Ps. 51:17; Isa. 66:2b; Matt. 5:4; Luke 12:7. Write down what God's thoughts are toward you if you are brokenhearted.

  4. What can we do when we are crushed in spirit or in despair?

    1. Forgive..Mark 11:25; Matt. 18:21-35; Col. 3:13

    2. Turn to God's Word..Ps. 119:50; Ps. 119:28,32; Ps. 119:67,71; Ps. 119:92,93

    3. Praise..Ps. 103:1-4 (v. 3 refers to diseases of the soul) Heb. 13:15..if we confess Him as our Lord there should always be an offering of Praise on our lips to Him because He is worthy and He is able! 1 Thess. 5:18; James 1:2-4,12..we can praise Him because of what He is working in us. (Rom. 8:28)

    4. Pray..James 5:13; Ps. 105:3,4; 1 Thess. 5:17; Ps 142:3

    5. Cast the burden on the Lord..Ps. 55:22; 1 Peter 5:7..(read in amplified if possible)

    6. In faith receive God's love, abide in it for our comfort..Ps. 31:7, Ps. 119:76; Rom. 8:37-39; Eph. 17-19; Eph. 2:9,10 (In Christ we can have fullness in Christ and be complete in Him if we trust Him to be our life)

    7. Wait on Him..Isa. 40:29-31 Don't try to go ahead of God and work things out your own way. Wait on Him and trust in Him. See also Prov. 3:5-8;

    8. Don't Fret! Commit your way to the Lord..Ps. 37..What does fretting lead to?

    9. Trust in His promises to heal..Ps. 147:3; Ps. 103:1-3; Isa. 51:12;Isa. 49:13; Matt. 5:4; Isa. 61:1,2,3; Ps. 34:17,18; Ps. 119:76; Ps. 94:19

    10. Remember God is in Control..Rom. 8:28,35-39; John 16:33

    11. As God comforts us we should comfort others 2 Cor. 1:3-5 Pray for others remembering that your brothers and sisters are also going through similar suffering and trials. Don't turn inward, but Godward and toward others. 1 Peter 5:9


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